Rebecca Dziedzic

UrbanLinks Lead

Dr. Rebecca Dziedzic is an Assistant Professor of the University of Concordia Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. Her research expertise lies in developing decision support methods for sustainable infrastructure, particularly water systems. Prior to joining Concordia, Dr. Dziedzic worked as an asset management consultant and now continues to collaborate with industry professionals in order to better respond to current urban challenges.


Sadaf Gharaati

MASc Researcher

Sadaf Gharaati received the B.Sc degree in civil engineering from University of Kashan, Iran. She is completing her MASc degree in Civil engineering at Concordia University, Canada. Her research area is mainly focused on predicting watermain breaks. Currently , she is working on finding the most important factors affecting watermain failures.

Ziyuan Cai

MASc Researcher

Ziyuan Cai graduated from City College of Science and Technology Chongqing University in 2018 in China, with a major in Water Supply and Drainage Engineering. He is now studying at Concordia University in Canada for a master’s degree. He has experience designing water supply and drainage pipes for commercial and residential buildings. Currently, Ziyuan’s research focuses on identifying leaks in water distribution systems using EPANET and machine learning techniques. His goal is to contribute to reducing water leakage in the future.

Mohammad Amini

MASc Researcher

Mohammad Amini is a MASc student in Civil Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal. His focus is on water distribution network failure, trying to discover a machine learning method to predict the rate of failure. Prior to coming to Concordia University, he had been working at an engineering company, in the project management field. One of his ambitions is to become PMP certified in order to enhance his project management knowledge

Alex Brisbois

MASc Researcher

Alex Brisbois studied Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa for his BASc degree. He is now a completing a MASc at Concordia University with research focused on developing a model which combines the practise of a lifecycle assessments to the implementation of micro-hydro turbines in water distribution networks. Prior to pursing his graduate studies, he worked as an engineering consultant on restorative projects on buildings and infrastructure